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The more that is understood about the brain, the more we can use this in the classroom to our advantage. Educators are realizing that they require tools created using specific brain activation concepts.

Discoveries about the brain that support BrainAhead

Our research

In the 2020-2021 school year, a total of 506 participants were recruited for our study of our Brain Bootcamp course. This consisted of 24 classrooms in five independent elementary schools in British Columbia (B.C.).

The control group contained 239 students, recruited from 12 kindergarten to Grade 5 classrooms in four schools. The intervention group had 267 participants which were recruited from 12 kindergarten to Grade 5 classrooms in three schools.

Developmental Foundations

Brain Bootcamp


Next steps, future research

This year we are in the process of launching a similar study, however we are making changes to our measures. We will be assessing the balancing abilities of students before and after the Brain Bootcamp program, and will be using a more direct measure of executive functioning when assessing any of our programs.

Recent literature in the field of neurology is pointing more and more to the cerebellum and vestibular systems playing a large role in cognition and emotional regulation. This strongly backs up the methods and theories behind the courses in BrainAhead and we are thrilled to be embarking on researching the connection of these areas of the brain with outcomes after using BrainAhead.

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