BrainAhead provides a library of ever-expanding content so everything you need to run a productive, equity-based classroom is at your fingertips

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Our content is segmented into four sections

Video Series

Pick a Series and play a ten minute brain-activating video every day to rev up your students’ bodies & minds and get them ready to learn

Brain Bootcamp

Videos that contain neurologically-and-clinically-based activities to get all students moving, focused and ready to learn.


Videos for students to target and help improve emotional regulation, mindful awareness and well-being.

Developmental Foundations

Videos that help encourage strong learning, sensory, emotional and behavioral foundations in kindergarten and grade one students or those who need extra support.

Lesson Plans

Integrate brain activation activities within your classroom to help to create a neurology-based curriculum approach.

Physical Literacy

Helps create strong neurological and physical foundations required to excel in sport, school and play later in life. These activities are designed to be integrated into a physical education lesson plan.


A brain unit containing a library of resources dedicated to educating students about the brain and how our life experiences can change the way we move, learn and feel.

Student Resources

Enhance learning gains by integrating BrainAhead into school culture, discussions and activities

Assessments & Reflections


Fun printable sheets that students can use to further their practice. Activities can be administered in between subjects or as a “brain break” for some extra fun in class!


Printable BrainAhead related content to post on your classroom walls and create a more integrative, educational BrainAhead experience.

Educator Resources

Everything else you need to feel supported in the classroom is located here

Trauma-Informed Learning

Your classroom is neurodiverse and each student has different needs. Feel empowered to support your students by becoming trauma-informed and learning how to deal with anything that comes your way.


Access emails to parents, learn best practices, view competency connections, and gain insights on the program videos in your Toolbox.

We’re offering complimentary onboarding and trials to schools and districts interested in learning how BrainAhead will activate student success.

BrainAhead helps children to thrive academically, physically and emotionally with resources founded in science and research.

Activate your students’ brains!

  • Boosts mindfulness, physical literacy and learning potential
  • Helps activate focus, thinking and learning using functional neurology
  • Notice positive changes in your students in a few short weeks

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