What is Brain Activation?

We know the brain can change, and we know we can get improvements in the brain with intentional activation. The activities within BrainAhead are grouped together to specifically target multiple areas of the brain in various sequences to awaken and activate the brain, resulting in higher-level functioning

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How BrainAhead works


Let BrainAhead get you ready to go in no time! We get you onboarded from start to finish, including:

  • Insights on neurology-based learning and how your students’ brains work
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to use the online resource so you walk away knowing exactly how to get started
  • Help desks and live support

Engage Students

Introduce BrainAhead into your classroom and share the WHY with our introductory lesson, posters, activity handouts and more

Play BrainAhead Daily

Play our Video Series daily to help get students ready to learn. They’re great for you too, educator!

Reinforce Learning Gains & Align With Curriculum

Use core curriculum competency worksheets and be trauma-informed with our host of supplemental classroom resources

We’re offering complimentary onboarding and trials to schools and districts interested in learning how BrainAhead will activate student success

BrainAhead helps children to thrive academically, physically and emotionally with resources founded in science and research

Activate your students’ brains!

  • Boosts mindfulness, physical literacy and learning potential
  • Helps activate focus, thinking and learning using functional neurology
  • Notice positive changes in your students in a few short weeks

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