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How can brain activation improve student learning?

In order to have proper learning and regulation, multiple areas in the brain need to be properly developed, engaged and wired together.
Research has shown there are many exercises and activities that can do just this. BrainAhead is designed to help you deliver these methods to your classroom!

How does BrainAhead activate the brain?

Everything we do affects the brain. We can do specific things to positively activate the areas of the brain needed for optimal functioning in a classroom. BrainAhead guides students through actions that target these areas.
We can use a common exercise like balancing to activate the cerebellum.


The cerebellum has a domino affect and activates multiple areas of the brain involved in learning and mood! If we use this area of the brain, we can make positive changes in the classroom.
Another way BrainAhead fires the cerebellum is by using eye exercises.

Other exercises, such as mindfulness, activate areas of the brain also involved in learning and regulation such as the prefrontal cortex.

This is how we get to the root of unlocking as much potential in your students as possible, by targeting the brain first!

How do I teach this to my students?

BrainAhead uses online videos that guide your students through the different activities and exercises specifically chosen to target various brain regions. All you have to do is press play! The Video Series are:
  • Narrated and easy to follow along for your students.
  • 8-10 minutes in length.
  • 8 to 12 weeks in length for a series, if played every day.

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Repetition is used to build neuroplasticity

The brain requires repetition to create positive changes. That is why the videos are designed in a way that does involve the repeating of exercises. Once these have been repeated a several times, the exercises progress to a more challenging variation, giving new stimulation to the brain and continuing to build on the foundation created.

Connected to curriculum and core competencies

BrainAhead offers so much more than just the video series. There are curriculum-aligned resources which tie all the exercises and concepts together.
Within BrainAhead you will find lesson plans about the brain, posters, self assessments, worksheets and physical education lesson plans to help you positively affect the brain in a multitude of ways.

Take a look at our curriculum and core competencies:

We’re offering complimentary onboarding and trials to schools and districts interested in learning how BrainAhead will activate student success.

BrainAhead helps children to thrive academically, physically and emotionally with resources founded in science and research.

Activate your students’ brains!

  • Boosts mindfulness, physical literacy and learning potential
  • Helps activate focus, thinking and learning using functional neurology
  • Notice positive changes in your students in a few short weeks

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