The brain can change with intentional activation

Engage your students to follow BrainAhead’s guided online videos leading them through a systematic compilation of brain activating exercises and activities. These video series are designed for kindergarten to Grade 5 classrooms so all your students can unlock their full learning potential!

Making noticeable changes one classroom at a time

“One student who is in grade three had trouble focusing and sitting in his seat. He is now absolutely still during lessons, following directions and is a great role model!”

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BrainAhead allows you to offer all your students a resource rooted in clinical knowledge that activates the brain resulting in improved attention, behavior and social emotional outcomes.  This allows for a better landscape for learning!

BrainAhead will aid you in running an equity-based classroom by removing barriers for your students, all while aligning with classroom learning and curriculum.

Success Story

BrainAhead in Qualicum School District 69

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We’re offering complimentary onboarding and trials to schools and districts interested in learning how BrainAhead will activate student success.

BrainAhead helps children to thrive academically, physically and emotionally with resources founded in science and research.

Activate your students’ brains!

  • Boosts mindfulness, physical literacy and learning potential
  • Helps activate focus, thinking and learning using functional neurology
  • Notice positive changes in your students in a few short weeks

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