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The BrainAhead Program emerged from passionate people who share a vision of helping children function at their best so they can navigate our (sometimes challenging) world with greater ease.

Their team, along with the input of educators and administrators, skillfully created an easy to use classroom platform that educators can utilize to create positive changes in their classroom and maximize academic achievement.

Our Team

Rondi Shouse

Chief Executive Officer
With over 20 years of experience in the B2E sector, Rondi leads BrainAhead’s efforts to penetrate the US market. Previously she was a founding member of a company providing Student Information Systems and was instrumental in establishing sales to over 7000 schools in the US. The company was acquired by Pearson Education.

Cally Bailey

BBA, CHC. Cally has spent years studying and practicing a thoroughly researched form of mindfulness, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Strengthened by her own personal success story of overcoming mental health battles, she was inspired to bring this into classrooms. Cally drives her team with her not-so-good jokes and undying passion.

Laura Dieleman

Chief Science Officer, Co-Founder
BSc. DC. While in the midst of having three children, she developed a growing concern for the increasing challenges children around her were facing. Due to this, Dr. Laura shifted her focus toward neuro-behavioural disorders in children and found an incredible link between learning, movement, behaviour and brain function. We're not sure where BrainAhead would be without Laura. She is a vital organ in developing the course content, leading the research and helping Cally improve her joke literacy.

Dr. Nicolas Hamelin

Scientific Director
Dr. Hamelin will consult to BrainAhead as part of the Company’s IP and research development program. He leads the SPJAIN Neuroscience lab in Sydney, Australia and Singapore. He holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Sussex University in the UK, a M.Sc in Environmental Management from Ulster University and a Ph.D. in Business at the Royal Docks Business School. Previously he was a research fellow for City University of Hong Kong, the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter and the Energy Center of the Netherlands.

Kevin Dieleman

Physical Literacy Director
BKin. DC. Focused on proper movement development from infancy to adulthood, with the goal of instilling an active and healthy lifestyle in children and adults. Through his practice and having three children of his own, he understands the positive impacts that proper movement and physical development have on the growing body and brain. In addition to his incredible skillset, Kevin is a friend, teammate and fellow jokster.

Michael Rebak

Head of Community & Customer Success
Michael comes to us with a deep management consulting and technology implementation background for over a decade. His previous life as an elite athlete, coach, mentor, and on-ice official coupled with his consulting experience allows Michael to easily connect with our customers and ensure their great success. Michael's goal is to serve BrainAhead's Community of Users and Supporters, create positive outcomes for teachers and students, and continuously iterate to make things better for all. As well, Michael supports growth in our community through partnerships and alliances.

Haley Estrada

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Haley is a soon-to-be graduate with over four years of experience in the digital marketing industry. She is a self-starter known for her entrepreneurial spirit, attention to detail, and professionalism. Haley has extensive experience working in team settings, including the Richmond School District, allowing her to bring a unique perspective to the BrainAhead team.

Harleen Gill

Research Assistant
Harleen graduated from the University of British Columbia in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Behavioural Neuroscience. Since September 2017, she has been involved with both quantitative and qualitative research projects, usually centered around children and adolescents. Her goal is to become a clinical psychologist so that she can help children and youth.

Lucas Penney

Head Web Developer
Experienced and passionate software developer who has taken the lead on BrainAhead web development and has made it happen since day one! Lucas greets every challenge with a smile, a "can do" attitude, and a great sense of humour (he laughs at our jokes as well!).

Audrey Delorme

Graphic Designer
Seasoned graphic designer who specializes in creating a brand identity that lights up the unique character of BrainAhead beautifully. Audrey is an incredible team member and understands the importance of having fun during the creative process.

Artiom Shostak

UX Lead/Frontend
Established user experience designer and front-end developer. At BrainAhead, Art is the technology lead, working with the development team and spearheading the UI/UX.

Atlee James

Video Communication Specialist
Over 20 years experience in film/video and animation with extensive experience in the health and fitness industry. Atlee has a passion to tell compelling stories and help with education and child development. Atlee is an indispensable member of the BrainAhead team and brings his passion and positive spirit to every meeting (as well as his trail mix!).

Tanya Baker

Educational Resources Developer
B.Ed. Tanya is a certified teacher with 25 years experience in elementary education. She is passionate about blending mindfulness and brain-based learning approaches; observing growth not only in her students, but her own children, as well. Tanya is an avid lifelong learner, a self-proclaimed doodler, and teacherpreneur of IntergalacticLiteracy.com. She loves creating fun resources to inspire and motivate students and is thrilled to be part of the BrainAhead team!

Rebekah Asselstine

Voiceover Talent
Rebekah is an extremely talented artist who is known for her roles in a number of music videos, commercials, and films, including CWs "Charmed" and "Supergirl", and Hallmarks "Love on the Air, "Tributum", and "Road to Christmas". She is also known for her Voice Over work, playing and representing the role of "Bella" in Universal Motion picture "Barbie Video Game Hero". Rebekah's new venture is joining the BrainAhead Team, and plays the role and voice of "Belle". She is excited to spread awareness and engage kids along with being a part of a strong community that the BrainAhead Team has to offer.

Advisory Board

Bruce Nicholson

Bruce has served as a teacher, coach, counsellor, administrator, mentor and teacher developer while working in Canada, South America and the Caribbean. Bruce is a valuable advisor who brings an extrordinarily unqiue vision and perspective to the program.

Bruce Schmidt

Brenda Currie

Education Consultants

Elisa-Maria Chong

Elisa is an elementary teacher and counsellor in the lower mainland. She has been teaching for 8 years and is in her first year of school counselling. She believes connection is key and enjoys helping kids work through problems both big and small. Elisa is a voice and advocate for BrainAhead and was one of the first users of the program in her classroom.

Clive Heah

Clive is a respected Principal at Cloverdale Catholic School in BC with years of experience in education, as well as a sessional instructor at TWU in the leadership program. Clive has used BrainAhead in his schools since it launched and continues to provide his support and perspective as we continue to develop.

Catherine Hanna

Catherine has extensive experience as a classroom and special education teacher, SFU Faculty Associate and sessional instructor, and as an elementary school principal. She is passionate about learning through the arts as a means to support intellectual, aesthetic and social-emotional development of students. Her work with vulnerable students brings important insights for our program.

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