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16 December 2020
New Findings in Connection with Learning and Behavioral Challenges in Children
Incredible new findings may change the way we think about our children’s learning and behavioral struggles.
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01 December 2020
3 Steps to Setting New Year’s Intentions for the Classroom, Home, and Yourself
Let’s take this year as one of immense learning and growth so we can move into this next year better than ever before, and start filling new blank pages with positive intentions that will give us a fresh start to 2021.
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15 November 2020
Happy Childrens Day!
A day of action for children, by children. It’s Global Children’s Day this Friday, November 20th!
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30 October 2020
Three Ways to Introduce Mindfulness Into Your Routine
Chances are, we have heard of mindfulness before (and maybe already practice it!), but did you know about the incredible benefits it can have on kids? What is mindfulness?
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20 October 2020
Primitive Reflexes and the link to Classroom Challenges
This could be the culprit behind your classroom chaos. What are primitive reflexes? Primitive reflexes are present during the earliest stages of life to aid in birth and survival- these are normal and healthy at this time. Retention of these reflexes as a child grows can play a factor in learning outcomes, emotional behaviour, and… Continue reading Primitive Reflexes and the link to Classroom Challenges
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30 September 2020
Brain 1st’s Fall 2020 Reading List
Looking for some healthy reads for your classroom or home? Look no further! With most classes back in full-swing (in-person or virtually), there is no better time to add to your classroom book collection! We have compiled a list of our favourite books below to make refreshing your book roster just a little bit easier.… Continue reading Brain 1st’s Fall 2020 Reading List
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09 September 2020
Brain 1st Version 2.0: Ready for Our New Reality
THERE ARE A LOT OF MOVING PARTS GOING BACK TO SCHOOL. How can we make it easier on our teachers, parents, students and children as we navigate between changes at home, in school, and everything in between? Give them the tools to self-regulate, focus, understand their emotions, and be better humans. We’ve worked hard over… Continue reading Brain 1st Version 2.0: Ready for Our New Reality
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06 July 2020
Try This Physical Literacy Activity at Home!
Looking for activities to do with your kids over the summer? Kevin Dieleman, our Director of Physical Literacy, has provided a fun activity you can do with your kids at home to help them develop strong foundational movement skills while at home. This activity can be conducted indoors or outdoors and requires minimal equipment. Enjoy!… Continue reading Try This Physical Literacy Activity at Home!
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20 May 2020
Working together to bring Brain 1st to students, virtually.
The rise of COVID-19 has provided teachers with a new challenge: to create a plan that ensures continuity of learning through distance education. Questions about best teaching practices and how students can access resources are ideas we are here to face together. Below are some ideas on how teachers can bring Brain 1st to students as we practice social distancing. As most teachers… Continue reading Working together to bring Brain 1st to students, virtually.
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04 May 2020
Reference Materials
This list provides some of our favourite reference material so you can learn more about the proven concepts used in the Brain 1st Program! Principles of Neural Science, Fifth Edition.By Eric R. Kandel (Editor), James H. Schwartz (Editor) & Thomas Jessel (Editor) A Teacher’s Window into the Child’s Mind and papers from the Institute for… Continue reading Reference Materials
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