Summer Reading List: Must-Read Books

23 June 2021
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Congratulations to all teachers, students, and parents on successfully completing another school year!

These carefully selected books are sure to brighten everyone’s day, whether you’re looking for great new at-home books for the summer or to add to next year’s classroom book collection. Understanding emotions, practising gratitude, and being kind to one another is more important now than ever before. Get started on providing your children and young students with the tools they need to grow their social-emotional skills.

Big Feelings
by Alexandra Penfold, illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman

This book helps children to navigate their ‘big feelings’ through several simple strategies. The story provides encouragement to children in embracing and expressing their emotions.

I Can’t Do That, YET: Growth Mindset
by Esther Pia Cordova, illustrated by Maima W. Adiputri

This empowering story follows a girl through her journey in learning how to use a growth mindset. The young girl develops a growth mindset throughout the story and instead of saying “I can’t do that,” she learns to say “I can’t do that YET”.

A New Day
by Brad Meltzer, illustrated by Dan Santat

This big-hearted and hilarious book follows the story of the 7 days of the week, when suddenly, Sunday quits wanting to be a day. The other days scramble to find someone to take over Sunday’s place, where readers will find several giggle-inducing moments. This book is rooted in practicing gratitude and appreciation, a message that is great for readers of all ages.

My Monster and Me
by Nadiya Hussain, illustrated by Ella Bailey

This heartfelt story follows a young boy whose ‘worry monster’ follows him everywhere. This book provides children and parents the tools they need to talk about worries and anxiety. Author Nadiya Hussain has experienced anxiety for as long as she can remember, writing this touching story to guarantee that no child suffers in silence, no matter what form their worry monster takes.

The Boy With Big, Big Feelings
by Britney Winn Lee, illustrated by Jacob Souva

This story follows a boy who feels every emotion, in a big way! His excitement is big, his worry is big, and his empathy for others is also very big. This book is a relatable story for every child, but even more for those who experience anxiety and extreme emotions. 

What Color Is Your Day?
by Mrs. Camryn Wells, illustrated by Eleanor Loseby

Every day, people of all ages experience a wide range of emotions, yet children are often unable to meaningfully articulate them. This beautifully illustrated story teaches children how to think about their emotions as colors, helping them to better understand and communicate their feelings, and develop emotional intelligence skills.

A Small Kindness
by Stacy McAnulty, illustrated by Wendy Leach

This story illustrates how one small act of kindness can spread throughout an entire community. This powerful picture book with a strong pay-it-forward message encourages kindness in children and teaches the value of goodwill.

Wishing you a great summer and happy reading!
-the Brain 1st Team

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