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03 November 2021
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Technology in the Classroom

How can technology be used to help students?

When a piece of paper and a pen aren't enough, technology can be a fantastic tool to use instead! Educational technology can often provide students with a more personalised learning experience. Not only that, but edtech can boost learner engagement by incorporating video and game-like lessons. The BrainAhead courses, for example, were designed with simulated characters that students can follow along with while completing the exercises.

What are the benefits of online tools?

Online tools, or “ed tech”, offer a variety of benefits for students, educators, and classrooms as a whole. Some of those benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Improves collaboration
  • Establishes better engagement
  • Provides a tailored experience for students
  • Can be used at a distance


The BrainAhead Program

Who is the program for?

BrainAhead is designed for children in kindergarten through Grade 5; however, older individuals can benefit from the brain activation exercises and guided-mindfulness as well! The program has been designed so that it can be used easily in a classroom environment by educators. Parents and guardians are welcome to use the program at home as well. This is especially encouraged if the children are being homeschooled. 

How does it help teachers?

Testimonials from educators who have used BrainAhead show that classrooms tended to be calmer and students show fewer problem behaviors after participating in our programs. Our research has found that Brain Bootcamp and Mindfulness strengthened students’ social emotional competencies which are skills critical for healthy development and overall well-being. 

Does the program include interactive classroom activities?

Yes! We provide grade-appropriate activities that educators can use with their students to go beyond the 10 minute video series. There are activities designed to be completed in-class, as well as worksheets that can be sent home.

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